EnerSys® has recently developed a battery range for all motive power applications in low and normal duty applications, offering high quality and performances at a cost effective rate.

Robust construction
Battery ENERGIA®; is a range of vented lead-acid batteries in DIN sizes. Their robust construction is based on tubular technology with negative flat pasted plates. The separator is of the micro-porous type. Cell box and lid are made from high temperature resistant polypropylene and are heat-seal welded to prevent any electrolyte leakage. Cells are connected with bolt-on connectors to allow easy service replacement. Cell vents are flip top plugs with electrolyte level markings, permitting safe use with adequate egress for charging gasses and anti-surge baffle for the electrolyte during operation.

High level of reliability
The ENERGIA® battery cells provide a high level of reliability and performance required for daily use on all your trucks. The cells come with the peace of mind in dealing with the global leader in industrial batteries with a worldwide distribution & service network.

Automatic single-point filling system
A single-point watering system may be supplied on request,  including battery filling system plugs and pipes to be installed onto the battery. The water refilling system enables all cells of the battery to be topped-up from one central point, to get the same optimum electrolyte level and reduce battery filling time. The vent plugs also allow the specific gravity measurement.

ENERGIA® cells conform to the main dimensions of the series L (DIN cells) of the EN/IEC 60254-2.